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Symantec announces version 10 of DLP

Created: 13 Nov 2009 • Updated: 16 Nov 2009
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Symantec has announced version 10 of its DLP product (formerly known as Vontu)  In a press release, Symantec touts DLP 10 as the

Symantec has announced Symantec Data Loss Prevention 10, the industry's first open data loss prevention (DLP) platform, which aims to give customers more options to find and fix data loss problems. As organizations strive to center their security strategies around information, DLP becomes essential.

Symantec DLP has undergone various changes since they purchased Vontu all geared to making the product stronger and more useful for the security professional.

DLP 10 will “allow companies to apply encryption and enterprise rights management (ERM) based on content and will integrate with additional Symantec products.

One of the products DLP 10 will integrate with Symantec’s Workflow product to help build automatic response and workflows into the product.

DLP 10 will also support 25 languages and add full localization or Japanese, Simplified Chinese and also French.

DLP 10 will release to the public in December