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Symantec App Center is Ready for iOS 7

Created: 29 Sep 2013 • Updated: 30 Sep 2013 • 4 comments
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The much-awaited iOS 7 is here.   With iOS 7, Apple introduced advanced functionality with iOS7, not just for consumers but also for enterprise users.  For consumers, capabilities such as enhanced camera options, ease of multitasking, photo library, control center, notification center, AirDrop and AirPrint, to name a few, are fantastic. They make it really easy for me to share information and be productive.

However, along with the advanced feature set comes additional security gaps that will be of greater concern for many enterprises.  As the leader in security, this is where it makes our job even more exciting. Our first goal is to secure those glaring new security gaps that come with iOS 7.

Let me explain.

Apple introduced AirDrop on Macs two years ago with OS X Lion for Mac users to transfer files directly without requiring a file server, cloud service, or turning on file sharing.  And now, this feature is extended to iOS.   Apple also announced AirPrint and the ability to add files to Safari Reading List.  While these features are great for consumers to share/print/bookmark content, they introduce a significant security risk for enterprise users with the potential for data loss.  These features present a possibility for confidential corporate data to be exposed to destinations that IT cannot control. 

With the growing usage of mobile devices and cloud-based apps, information protection has become highly critical for enterprises. Symantec App Center enables enterprises to fully embrace iOS 7 without exposing sensitive information to unauthorized users or applications while making sure not to infringe on the personal user experience.  App Center now enables enterprises to restrict AirDrop, AirPrint and more if enterprise IT chooses to prevent data leakage to unauthorized users through these sources.  These policies to restrict data leakage are defined and enforced on a per app basis without enforcing any policies or profiles at the device level.  Device-level policy control might not be very relevant in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment, which is why App Center enables such policy control at the application level. 

In addition to protecting data, we’re committed to supporting the new enterprise capabilities in iOS 7.  Symantec is dedicated to enabling our customers to unleash mobile productivity without compromising security or the user experience. 

Stay tuned to this blog series for more updates.

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Wenderson SIlva_WTR SERVICES's picture

I 've noticed that a new version of SMM, MDM and APP Center are coming, is it true?

can you post some new features will be avaliable?

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NVN's picture

HI Wenderson SIlva_WTR SERVICES,

Please find the below new version of SMM, MDM and APP Center with thier Release notes

Symantec App Center 4.2.2 Release Notes

Article URL

Symantec Mobile Management 7.2 SP3 Release Notes

Article URL

Thank you



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Lorie Alfredson's picture


Are there any iOS 7 features that are only available for certain devices?

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Nirmal R's picture

We support AirDrop, AirPrint controls through application policy. Is there a particular iOS 7 feature you are looking for? Are you looking for an MDM function or MAM function?

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