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Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 for Small Business Server

Created: 11 Jan 2010 • 1 comment
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Ok, I just purchased Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 for Small Business Server and it says it will not install on a Domain Controller.
In another post, Chris Riley from Symantec posted response to someone else that he confirmed it cannot be installed on domain controllers.  Well, how do you install it?  Symantec's Chris Riley post is below.

Thanks, Michael

I've had it confirmed that BESR-MS cannot be installed on domain controllers at this stage. I will be creating a technote so that this is documented.

Sorry I don't have better news for you.

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Same error here. It is pretty stupid given that small business servers must be domain controllers.

Do Symantec actually test their products or is that the job of us mortals out here in unsupported user land?

Called Sysmantec - " sorrry you don't have an enterprise support agreement, you'll have to talk to your reseller".

The reseller knows as much about Symantec prouct installs as cows know about moon landings.

So we are left up cr@p creek in a barbed wire canoe without a paddle, by symantec, again.

I also tried to install the AV componens of the Small Business Protection Suite 3.0 on the same server and CPU stuck on 100%. Then found out "oh.. you should not install some of the components if it is a 2003 server". We'll thanks for the warning!!! What happened to intelligent software. Obviously Symantec don't make that.

I'm getting tired of it and suggesting Symantec products to my clients makes me look stupid.

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