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Symantec Brazil is a Great Place to Work!

Created: 15 Aug 2012
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By Vicente Lima, Country Director for Symantec Brazil

I’m really pleased to announce that Symantec Brasil has been recognized in two of the most important HR rankings from our country: last week we were selected for the fourth time as one of the 100 Top Companies to Work For - IT and Telco Industry, and, for the third time, as one of the 130 Top Companies to Work for in Brazil!

Both rankings are organized and promoted by the Great Place to Work Institute in partnership with national media outlets. The IT and Telco ranking will be featured in the next edition of Computerworld Magazine, while the national ranking is published by Época Magazine – one of the most important weekly publications in Brazil, with more than 1 million readers.

The main criteria for these awards are our employees’ opinion about the company. Employees were invited to evaluate Symantec in aspects such as credibility, respect, impartiality, pride, and teamwork within the organization. I’m really proud to say that, in both rankings, Symantec Brasil got scores above the national averages!

On the IT and Telco ranking we were listed in the 23rd position. On the national ranking, we were positioned at 45th place. It’s important to highlight that, in both rankings, around 30 percent of the companies who were on the previous ranking didn’t make it this year. Both are really rigorous selection processes, and we’re hopeful that Symantec Brasil is on these lists to stay!

We were selected among 700 companies from the IT & Telco industry and 1,013 companies from all over the country. This is really something and shows that all of our efforts to create a great environment for our employees have been successful. Programs such as the MBA In Company, Symantec Running Team, Do it Right the First Time and Family Day were highlighted by our employees and awards editors as great differentiators for Symantec Brasil.

Symantec Brasil’s team rocks and I’m really proud to be in charge of leading this outstanding group! I’ll do my best to keep Symantec Brasil in the spotlight as a GREAT PLACE TO WORK!


Vicente Lima is the Country Director for Symantec Brazil.