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Symantec Brightmail Gateway: Access your control centre over port 443

Created: 06 Oct 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009
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Last month, we shipped version 7.7 of our Symantec Brightmail Gateway software (see the last post for information on the name changes to our Brightmail products).

One of the features most interesting to administrators (aside from our awesome performance enhancements), particularly your firewall teams, is the ability to at last access the control centre UI over native SSL (TCP port 443) rather than the old 41443 port - of course, connectivity always has and continues to be secured over SSL!


Whilst newly deployed installations of Brightmail Gateway will default to use 443, any upgraded instances will continue to use the historical 41443 port.  We kept this in place for those of you who have set specific access control to your DMZ over this port, so that you didn't get locked out on upgrade!

In order to enable port 443 on an upgraded environment, you need to run the following command at the terminal or over SSH.


set-control-center-port-443 enable


**Note the American stylings of the word centre in that command :P