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Symantec - Building the Cloud data Centre of the Future

Created: 24 Sep 2012 • Updated: 11 Jun 2014
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It's clear from both talking to our customers and reading the analysts reports that cloud is here to stay. Most customers I speak with are looking at some form of cloud services in their organizations. This tends to vary from something as simple as an application being delivered through the cloud, a good example of this was recently at Symantec our HR system is now a cloud SAS service. More cutting edge applications are looking at full service provisioning from the point of IT request to the delivery of a fully functioning application/service all run through a self service engine.

This is the vision of many organizations to make the delivery of new systems seamless and self service. Cloud comes with many challenges from the Security aspects to the radical shift of IT organization needed to enable cloud services. At Symantec we have many solutions to ease this pain and make the consumption of Cloud services a safe affordable reality. Something that separates Symantec from many of the other vendors is the heterogeneity and vendor neutrality that is can support. This leaves our customers free to pick and choose their preferred hardware while layering our solutions safely through the stack.

The Storage and Availability Management group at Symantec has been innovating solutions to help our customers consume cloud services. Recently Symantec and Microsoft announced a joint effort to deliver Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) which is fantastic opportunity for organizations who don’t have multiple data centers to benefit from true disaster recovery for their chosen applications. Additionally there are some great new features in Storage Foundation 6.1 which has huge value aimed at Cloud Services. The first is the ability to Storage Tier to a Cloud Tier. So imagine being able to have a filesytem with two tiers of storage, one of those tiers being a cloud storage tier. This is a simple way to massively reduce your Tier 1 storage consumption.  Storage Foundation will move the old data to the cloud tier after a set time which keeping the data online. Additionally integrating our PGP encryption technology into Storage Foundation meaning customers can confidently store their data in public clouds without needing to worry about how secure the cloud service is. With these and the high availability solutions that harden any cloud environment Symantec look set to be part of Cloud Data Centre of the future - watch this space!