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Symantec Encryption: What's New?

Created: 28 Jan 2013 • Updated: 28 Jan 2013
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In the past, it was fairly easy to keep corporate data protected by keeping it within an established perimeter—protected by established access controls and passwords.  That model has been blown apart as iPhone, iPad and other smartphones and tablets have taken over. Add to that the accessibility and usability of file sharing services like Dropbox and you can see why this transformation has information security managers concerned. These are not trends that organizations can deal with by saying “no.”  They urgently need solutions to help secure confidential data and limit access.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Symantec’s new encryption solutions, powered by PGP Technology, are now shipping. With this Symantec Encryption release, Symantec leverages our encryption portfolio to ensure cloud data remains safe while keeping it accessible, and to protect confidential email for mobile.

Here’s a look at what’s new.

Symantec File Share Encryption and iOS Viewer
Symantec File Share Encryption gives organizations the ability to automatically encrypt all files that their users store on Dropbox. Files remain encrypted even in the cloud, cloud share administrators can’t access them and neither can bad guys should a breach occur; only authorized users have access to the sensitive information. With File Share Encryption for iOS, users can also securely view these encrypted files directly on their iPhone and iPad (the file viewer app is available for free downloads from the Apple App Store).

Administrators set encryption policy so content like documents, spreadsheets, presentations, video, and audio are automatically encrypted. Administrators set this policy on the same console they use to manage other Symantec Encryption products, Symantec Encryption Management Server.

Symantec Mobile Encryption for iOS
In this release, we’ve enabled iOS mobile device users to not only view encrypted email, but also to compose, reply, and forward encrypted email. To compose an encrypted message the users start the mobile email encryption app (downloadable from the Apple App Store), compose the email and press the “encrypt” button when done. The encrypted email is then sent by the native iOS mail client.

We’ve also added encrypted email viewing capability for Android devices. Policy can be set to allow users to read encrypted emails once they unlock their phones, or administrators can set an additional requirement to enter a passcode to read encrypted messages.

One Brand, One Path
In addition to new solutions and features powered by PGP Technology, Symantec has also renamed our encryption product line to decrease confusion among our customers. Our new product names reflect the breadth of Symantec encryption solutions while maintaining our PGP heritage – they’re the same great products our customers know and trust to protect their information.

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