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Symantec Endpoint Protection Keeps SMBs Safe in Physical and Cloud Environments

Created: 27 Nov 2012
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By Scott Anthony, owner of iFocus Solutions Corporation

When it comes to integrating new technology in their business, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can be nimble because there’s less red tape – that’s why you’ll frequently find the latest tablet on the owner’s desk. But, when it comes to the cloud, SMBs have approached the technology with some hesitation.  However, we are now seeing more and more SMBs embracing cloud and enjoying its benefits. They’ve already begun to use the cloud for storage and backups, and soon we’re going to see an increasing amount of SMBs moving to cloud-based security, while others that prefer on-premise protection today will begin to craft a plan to move to the cloud in time. Fortunately, there’s one solution that will keep their information safe in either environment: Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013.

Everyone working in an SMB can see how quickly things are changing. Once restricted to local markets, SMBs now have a vast customer base located all over the world. Almost everything they do related to their business is conducted online, with an increasing emphasis on the need to access information anywhere on any device -- from desktops, laptops and other mobile devices. But that incredible flexibility is also exposing confidential information to more threats than ever before. As a channel partner looking for the best-in-breed cloud-ready security solution to offer my customers, I selected Small Business Edition 2013 because of its combination of powerful protection coupled with its seamless implementation and ease-of-use.

Quite simply -- SMBs today need software that works. Even the most technically inclined owner doesn’t have time to hunt down and root out a virus that has infected his system, so implementing always-on tools that provide up-to-the-minute protection from the latest threats is crucial. SMBs rely on the expert advice they get from their solution providers and we need to ensure we are making sound recommendations that enhance their overall business strategy. This is where cloud-based security solutions really shine. Here are some of the benefits SMBs enjoy with Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013:

  • One subscription with the choice to deploy on-premise or as a cloud-managed service. Customers get the same robust security features in a deployment that works for their individual needs. Those who wish to start with the on-premise solution can also change to the cloud-managed service later without incurring additional cost.
  • Symantec’s unique Insight and SONAR antivirus and anti-malware technologies provide the highest level of protection against today’s evolving threats. Plus updates are continuous and automatic.
  • The solution is simple to implement and created specifically for today’s SMBs, without the need for dedicated IT staff or specialized training to install and maintain it.

Partners also benefit from offering Symantec endpoint security solutions:

  • It’s an ideal introductory product for partners looking to offer cloud solutions, making it easier to cross-sell other cloud-based software.
  • Partners can see and manage all cloud-based deployments from a central management console.
  • Symantec’s management console for partners makes it easy to deploy, monitor and manage the service for customers to save them time while helping me promote the right products and services as their needs change.
  • Symantec support is available 24/7 to assist channel partners with questions.

The bottom line is that Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition is a great choice, because the software handles everything automatically.. Remediating issues can be a huge resource drain; after I began deploying SEP among my customer base, I didn’t encounter a single issue – malware, virus, etc. that required remediation (or any type of manual attention) for nine months. How many other providers could match that?

Few things keep SMBs up at night like the need to know their business is secure – smart solution providers know this well. They will look to us as a resource for guidance when they are ready to implement a security strategy on-premise or in the cloud; to me, only one solution provides unsurpassed protection and peace of mind in any environment, ensuring SMBs maintain their security posture: Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013.