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Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 12.0 VS. Symantec Enpoint protection 11.0

Created: 23 Sep 2009 • 7 comments
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Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 12.0 VS. Symantec Enpoint protection 11.0

What is the difference between SEP SBE 12.0 and SEP 11.0?
- SEP SBE 12.0 is a product optimized for Small Business (<=100 nodes) customers.
- It is much easier to install and use.
- SEP SBE has all the features of SEP 11.0 except for Application and Device Control. It also does not support NAC.
- With the introduction of SEP SBE 12.0, Symantec now has targeted offerings based on customer segment.
- If the customer is larger than 100 users, you should recommend SEP.
- If your customer has less than 100 users, SEP SBE is the better fit.

Can I install SEP SBE 12 over SEP 11?
- SEP SBE 12.0 clients can be installed over SAV 9.x or later, SCS 3.x, or previous SEP 11.x installs.

Can I migrate SEP Manager from the SEP 11 Management Console?
- A customer that has SEP 11.0 deployed will have to uninstall the manager and then install the SEP SBE 12.0 manager.
- The SEP SEB 12.0 manager can simply be used to push out the client software to upgrade SEP 11.0 clients to SEP SBE 12.0 client.
- Existing policies can be migrated.

Hope this Helps


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SEP SBE 12.0 needs license file for activation right? What would happen to my SEP 11.0 would it mean that if I upgrade to the SEP SBE 12.0 I have to use a license file for activation? Well in fact, it would be easier to manage the SEP 11.0 because it does not need activation? Please advised.

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Hello Nylsher,

SEP SBE 12.0 is not the upgrade of  SEP 11.0. These are 2 different products. Kindly call customercare @ 800 721 3934 for more details.

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Here are some difference I was able to formulate:

  • SEP 12 SBE uses Apache Instead of of IIS
  • Default client communication port is 8014
  • Does not have location awareness functionality
  • Does not have replication functionality
  • Only single site type of deployment with Embedded Database
  • Preconfigured LiveUpdate Policy for clients out-of-box
  • Database configuration is hidden.
  • SQL Database is not supported
  • No AD integration
  • No GUP functionality
  • Communication if default to Push with 5 minute check-in time
  • Licensing has been introduced in SEP 12 SBE


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Hi Aniket,

Thanks for the additioanl Information.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Nylsher,

 regarding your query, the license is onlyu required in SEP 12 not in the SEP 11. IF you upgrade/ mograte to SEP 12 you need to download the license file for activation. Basically, the SEP 12 for Small business will be added to the product feature this functionality will be  there in SAV 10 but will remove in SEP 11 and was again added in SEP 12 on popular demand.

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Your Welcome Nylsher, let me know if you have some queries.

Thanks, Kind Regards

Twixxica_ica :)

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