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Symantec Intelligence Report: January 2014

Created: 20 Feb 2014 • Updated: 16 Apr 2014
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Welcome to the January edition of the Symantec Intelligence report. Symantec Intelligence aims to provide the latest analysis of cyber security threats, trends, and insights concerning malware, spam, and other potentially harmful business risks.

A number of large data breaches were reported during the month of January. The largest new data breach included the exposure of 105.8 million identities in South Korea. (It’s worth noting that many individuals in the country had more than one account exposed in this breach.) Another large data breach, previously reported as including 40 million identities, has since had its numbers adjusted upwards and is now estimated at 110 million identities exposed. These two breaches contribute significantly in bringing the total number of identities exposed to over 500 million for the last twelve months.

Targeted attacks are up to their highest level since August of last year, after what appears to be average-to-low attack numbers over the last four months. Manufacturing is the most targeted industry, making up 21.3 percent of attacks. The non-traditional services category, which includes hospitality, recreation, and repair, is a close second at 20.6 percent.

The number of vulnerabilities reported is also up in January after lower numbers reported in November and December of last year. However, at 555 vulnerabilities, this number is still well below October, which reported a high of 663 for the month.

In other news, spam and phishing rates are down slightly in January, while email virus rates are at their lowest levels since October of last year.

We hope you enjoy the January Symantec Intelligence Report. You can download your copy here.

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