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Symantec Interns Give Back for First Annual Intern Volunteers' Week

Created: 18 Jul 2013 • Updated: 18 Jul 2013
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As one of the leading security and storage companies in the world, Symantec already does so much for the global community. Its mission, to enable people, businesses, and governments to protect and manage their information so they can focus on achieving their aspirations, is already promoting our most fundamental and most basic human rights.  

Symantec is a large corporation, and due to its size, I personally believe it has a corporate responsibility to not only uphold and maintain its mission but to also make great contributions in philanthropic and volunteering opportunities for the betterment of our world and our future. It would bring me great pride, joy and honour to work for a global organization that aims to achieve a triple bottom line. Every corporation strives for acclaimed performance and high profits; but a corporation can distinguish itself even further by making corporate responsibility just as important of an objective. With great responsibility comes great power. Corporations, like Symantec, have the social responsibility and the power to make a positive difference in our global community.

And it has. Through Intern Volunteer Week, interns all over the globe were given the chance to give back to their communities. When introducing Intern Volunteer Week, the University Relations team stated:

Symantec strongly encourages employees to volunteer in their local communities. We believe that involved, engaged employees are happier and more satisfied, and that communities in which Symantec is located will be healthier and more vibrant because of our presence.”

At Symantec, interns are not only encouraged to succeed and add value in their respective departments, but also share their knowledge and skills through volunteer programs that promote learning and education. Local volunteer programs that were featured included Resource Area For Teachers (RAFT) in Mountain View, "iNeed Help with my Gadget Workshop” in Culver City, and “Kid to Read” in Beijing.

In Mountain View, 20 interns gave their time to volunteer at RAFT on Tuesday, July 16th.


RAFT’s website states:

Every year with the assistance of volunteers, RAFT assembles and distributes over 50,000 hands-on Math, Science, and Art Activity Kits made from repurposed materials, thereby keeping them out of landfills. Volunteers help keep the cost of these Activity Kits down by sorting the different raw materials that are donated and assembling them into retail-ready kits that RAFT members can purchase.”

The interns helped with two projects. One project involved organizing cardstock in packets at a discounted price for teachers; the other project was to make hovercraft science experiment kits for elementary students using recycled CDs, bottle caps, balloons, and instruction manuals. For two hours, interns assembled, organized, and chatted. All enjoyed taking a break from work, but more importantly, enjoyed giving their time to tasks that would benefit hundreds of students. Here are some quotes from the interns who volunteered at RAFT:

“It was a good event and it brought awareness to the fact that without proper activities to bring out their curiosity, kids might be ruling out a subject that they might actually end up liking! It is always a good feeling to know that we are contributing to the betterment of the future generations.” - Kavya Thota, Marketing Intern

“Volunteering is about stepping outside of yourself and serving others for the greater benefit of our society and world. Volunteering at RAFT allowed Symantec interns to contribute to lowering the cost of education and providing science experiments to encourage kids to not be intimidated by science and technology.” – Sebastian Feye, Finance Intern

“Every day spent working at Symantec makes the world a better place, but volunteering at RAFT gave us the unique opportunity to affect thousands of kids’ lives, hopefully sparking a life-long love of Math, Science and the Arts.” – Brandon Page, Gateway Security Intern

As for my personal journey at Symantec, every day of the last three weeks has been informative, exciting, and an absolute joy. Just like the many employees I have spoken to, it’s the people who work here and the opportunities provided that make Symantec the best place to be. As an intern, I am a little fish in a big pond. There is so much that must be learned and experienced. Because of all the support I witness around me, I feel at ease to ask questions, embrace learning, and try new things. I am more than fortunate to have had my first real corporate internship here at Symantec. Symantec employees are of the highest caliber, show great commitment, and are open and willing to change. I am excited for future opportunities here and have no doubt in the future success of Symantec.

Natasha Marston is a business administration student at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo; she is also a Summer 2013 intern in Symantec's University Relations department.