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Symantec Managed PKI Service 8.9 is now Live!

Created: 22 Jul 2013
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Managed PKI Service Release 8.9 continues to improve the administrator and end user experience through various ease of use and productivity enhancements.  Also in this release is support for new environments, platforms, and the availability of new integration guides.

Summary of New Features

  1. Ease of Use Enhancements:
  • Ability to Delete profiles increases productivity
  • Ability to modify recipient of email notifications improves communications
  • Support for bulk revocation of certificates makes managing certificates easier
  • Web Services search and bulk revocation enhance usability
  • Link from Managed PKI to Managed PKI SSL Control Center make for smoother transitions between consoles
  1. Certificates to meet your evolving needs:
  • Allow digital signing of PDFs and of emails at the organizational level
  1. Updated platform support: Windows 8 for PKI Client and  virtual directory platform for Enterprise Gateway supports heterogeneous environments
  2. New integration guides to help configure your environment - available from the Resources link in PKI Manager
  3. Features (local key escrow) to provide parity between Managed PKI 7.3 and 8.x, easing your migration to Managed PKI 8.x

Feature Highlights

Ease of Use Enhancements

  • You can now delete profiles created for testing and other purposes.  Deleting the profile will automatically revoke all the certificates associated with the deleted profile.
  • With MPKI 8.9 you can now set email notifications in PKI Manager for unique emails across all certificate operations within a profile.  For example, you can configure Managed PKI to send email for a certificate revocation operation to an administrator; while at the same time send a renewal notification email to end user.  To renew the certificate the end user simply clicks on the link in the email.  From the end user perspective users only receive emails that have been deemed necessary based on IT group/policy.
  • This release allows you to perform bulk revocation of certificates associated with multiple users, using a comma separated value (CSV) file in the PKI Manager administrator Console; versus revoking certificates on an individual user basis.
  • Web Services  has been enhanced to include the ability to aggregate the information obtained from Web Services search results and perform bulk revocation from the Web Services API, for certificates associated with multiple seat IDs
  • We realize many of our Managed PKI customers also have Managed PKI for SSL.  Therefore in this release we have provided a Managed PKI for SSL link in PKI Manager so you can easily transition to your Managed PKI for SSL Control Center. The browser will take you to the Managed PKI for SSL Control Center where you will be asked to present your Managed PKI for SSL administrator credentials.

Certificates to Meet Your Evolving Needs

  • New organizational level certificate profile templates have been added to meet your evolving need for validation at a more global level.  New profiles include:
    • Adobe Organizational certificate to allow digital signing of PDFs for the organization
    • Secure email gateway certificate to allow digital signing of emails on a gateway for the organization

Updated Platform Support

  • With Managed PKI 8.9 you now have the ability to install credentials on hardware tokens using PKI Client on the Windows 8 Platform.  This helps support the heterogeneity of platforms in an enterprise for all users as well as for administrators
  • This release also addresses the moving trend toward virtual directories by adding support for VMWare for Enterprise Gateway

New Integration Guides

The following integration guides have been added to PKI Manager and are available for download through the Resources section.  Integration guides allow you to configure relying party applications to consume Managed PKI Certificates.

  • Symantec™ Managed PKI Integration Guide for AirWatch® MDM Solution
  • Symantec™ Managed PKI Integration Guide for Cisco® 3745 Routers
  • Symantec™ Managed PKI Integration Guide for Cisco® ASA Series Routers
  • Symantec™ Managed PKI Integrating S/MIME Certificates with Microsoft Outlook®
  • Symantec™ Managed PKI Integrating Adobe CDS Individual Certificates with Adobe® Reader®
  • Symantec™ Managed PKI Integration Guide for Juniper® SA VPN
  • Symantec™ Managed PKI Integration Guide for SonicWALL® Aventail® VPN

Ease the Migration to Manage PKI 8.x

  • Local key escow, previously available only in Managed PKI 7.x or Trust Center is now also available in Managed PKI 8.x.  This breaks down the final barrier to migration for many customers to Managed PKI 8.x - take advantage of the new capabilities without losing features/functionality!

Screen Shot Gallery

New Organizational Adobe and Secure Gateway certificates

   New Certs_2_1.jpg

Delete profiles and automatically revoke certificates

Delete Certs new.jpg