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Symantec Named Company of the Year!

Created: 03 Oct 2012 • 3 comments
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I was excited to have the opportunity to watch as Symantec was named Company of the Year by Entrepreneur’s Foundation of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation last Wednesday night. EF presents this award to a company that clearly demonstrates its commitment to corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenship programs as part of its core business values.

We were selected for this award based on our philanthropic commitments and community relations efforts. Symantec has four philanthropic focus areas: the environment; science, technology, engineering, and math education; diversity, particularly relating to women, girls, and other minorities in engineering; and online safety. These focus areas align with our philanthropic vision of contributing to the creation of a diverse and sustainable technology industry.

In his acceptance remarks, Francis deSouza, Symantec’s Enterprise Group President, mentioned that he wished all 21,000 of our employees could have been there to share this honor, and I agree – it’s because of our employees’ hard work and passionate focus that we’ve progressed as far as we have. While we’ve worked hard on the Corporate Responsibility team to shape our strategy and develop programs, to a large degree it’s front-line employees who have responsibility for program execution in large, global companies such as ours. Our employees are volunteers, environmental advocates, and socially conscious leaders who hold us accountable and push us to make continuous improvements. Their hard work and dedication makes all of us want to work even harder, and achieve even more.

So while we’re honored and humbled by recognition like this, we’re always striving to reach our next set of corporate responsibility goals. Those goals will be outlined in our 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report, which will launch later this month – I hope that you’ll visit this space and our Corporate Responsibility website to learn more about them.

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I am happy to have benefited from Symantec's philanthropy programs.  I have been heavily involved in wokring with a local high school-Crooms Academy of Information Technology in Sanford Florida to raise money for scholarships and online security awareness.  This school was rated the #1 most connected school in the country and Symantec has played a part in its success.  While it is the hard work of the individuals in the Heathrow office that make these partnerships successful, it is Symantec that gives us the opportunities to participate.  Things as simple as the freedom and support of management to take time away from work and things as significant as Symantec being a major contributor to the Crooms scholarship program.

It's great to be a part of the team!

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Daniel, thanks for your comment! I know the Heathrow, FL team have been huge supporters of Crooms for a long time now, and it's great to see strong partnerships like this emerge. All of us on the corporate responsibility team are grateful for the hard work you and your colleagues put into these relationships. Thanks!

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Many thanks, Cecily, for the interesting blog post!  &: )

Just a quick note to all that the above-mentioned 2012 CRR is now available:

With thanks and best regards,


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