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Symantec Partner Services - What is the point??

Created: 05 Dec 2013 • Updated: 06 Dec 2013 • 2 comments
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I thought I would write this small blog as a way to voice my exsaperation over the extremely poor service I am receiving from Symantec.

We have recently take over a business that is running Message Filtering thorugh the Symantec Cloud.  This product is in itself excellent and the support and montioring on it is first class.  The business in question was using their old IT provider for this service and hence required us to take up the administration.

I have therefore set about getting us setup as a cloud partner so we can offer the service to this customer and hopefully others.  This is where the compliments end I'm afraid...

My original submission was on the 29th October.  Initially I had correspondance from Symantec on my progress, there were various questions being passed around determining what we needed etc.  It then got to the stage where we had to enter into a credit check (4/11/13).  I must admit I never knew it took 16 days to perform this check but maybe those nasty creditors have some important lunches to attend.  So this brings us to to the present date, I have my approved credit check but still no further with being able to support my customer.

So 15 days on from the credit approval and continuing to chase multiple email address that have no persons name existing behind them I have nothing!!  No replies, no apologies, no explanations and most importantly no cloud partner status.  If I was trying to take Symantec to court I can understand why they might want to ignore me; when I am trying to setup a chargeable partner account to which I will be signing up chargeable services to you would have thought they might pay attention.

So if there is anybody that actually pays attention to these blogs then please please help me before a. I take my business elsewhere and b. Let everyone I know through every medium I have access to, to never deal with Symantec in any capacity ever again.

Thanks, rant over..

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Hello KJLTD,

Sorry to hear that your experience applying to the .cloud partner program has not gone smoothly.  I've reached out to the partner team in the UK and asked them to contact you to see if they can assist you with your submission.  I believe you should hear from them soon. 

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I understand the partner team is now working directly with you on your application to the partner program.   At this point, you should be able to work with your contact on the partner program team to address any questions that you have and keep the process moving forward.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


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