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Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition for Endpoints 4.0

Created: 02 Jul 2011
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Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition for Endpoints 4.0
General Availability: July 05, 2011

What does this product do?

Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition for Endpoints enables you to effectively manage the business risk of IT by reducing the risk profile of your most frequently targeted and attacked assets.
It helps drive out the costs security incidents create – such as lost productivity, revenue, and customer trust – by integrating protection solutions that increase the operational efficiency of your IT organization.

Key Product Features (What’s new from last version)

Symantec  Protection Suite Enterprise Edition for Endpoints 4.0 (SPS EE for Endpoints 4.0) adds the following new capabilities:

•Symantec Endpoint Protection, featuring advanced protection capabilities
•Symantec Protection Center integrated, centralized security management
•Symantec Data Loss Prevention Standard advanced data policy enforcement

SPS EE for Endpoints 4.0 now offers In-Product Licensing (IPL) for the Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) & Symantec Network Access Control (SNAC) 12.1 components only:

o New feature in both SEP and SNAC for adding new licenses into SEPM
o Advocated as primary mode for license import
o .slf files are secondary, as back up
o Users can enter their maintenance/content serial number(s) into SEPM. SEPM will download the license content from licensing server.
o Multiple serial numbers can be entered in one session

Detailed Functionality

Protection Suite Enterprise Edition for Endpoints secures laptops, desktops, and the data residing on them from compromise through malicious intent or inadvertent loss, and automates processes for incident response and security-focused endpoint management. Simplify and secure your IT infrastructure with this unique solution from the world leader in security.

Combined data & threat protection:

o Proven endpoint and confidential data protection from the market-leading endpoint security and data loss prevention vendor.
o Protection against zero-day attacks, ability to harden systems, and tools to maintain compliance by uniting behavioral and vulnerability-based detection with advanced antivirus, application firewall, intrusion prevention, and device control technologies.

Unified management and administration:

o Single sign-on Web console that provides administrators full access to configuration management, report generation, and dashboard views across multiple Symantec™ protection technologies.
o System management that speeds application rollouts and ensures end-users have the most up-to-date OS and application software patches installed, freeing support staff and end-users from unproductive and time consuming tasks.

Content and policy-based assessment and controls:

o Automatic assessment, identification, and initiation of automated processes for incident response and security-focused endpoint management.
o Extends administrative reach and capabilities by bringing people, process, and information together with comprehensive easy-to-use automation tools that coordinate Symantec™ solutions as well as 3rd-party tools.

Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition for Endpoints 4.0 includes:

o Symantec™ Endpoint Protection 12.1
o Symantec™ Network Access Control 12.1 (Self – Enforcement)
o Symantec™ Data Loss Prevention Standard 11.1
o Symantec™ Altiris Inventory Solution 7.1
o Symantec™ Altiris Patch Management Solution 7.1
o Symantec™ Critical System Protection 5.2 (Client Edition only)
o Symantec™ Workflow 7.1
o IT Analytics 7.1