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Symantec rated "Strong Positive" in MarketScope for E-Discovery Software Product Vendors, Gartner, 2009.

Created: 06 Jan 2010 • Updated: 07 Jan 2010
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 Late last year, Gartner published it's latest (and third, if my memory serves me correctly) Marketscope for the E-Discovery segment. It was put together by a highly respected team of Gartner analysts, including Debra Logan, Whit Andrews, and John Bace. Symantec was rated as a "Strong Positive" in this Marketscope for the E-Discovery segment. 

 Obviously we're very proud of all the teams here at Symantec and within our partners, who've contributed so much to Symantec Enterprise Vault™. I'd like to take one more chance to thank all those people right here and now. We're also very happy that over 13,000 customers are deriving value from their investment in Enterprise Vault. 

 A few things changed with 2009's Marketscope, and I thought them worthy of note and perhaps a quick discussion. Firstly, this Marketscope focuses purely on software vendors. It doesn't matter if the software is delivered as installable or as some kind of appliance, but it's got to be something in-house Legal counsel and/or Information Technology teams can purchase directly. This means service providers aren't covered here. Secondly, there's now a threshold limit in terms of annual revenue in order to be included in the Marketscope. To be included, a company doesn't have to be huge, but does have to earn enough money to be likely to be viable in the long run (remember, this is my opinion and doesn't necessarily reflect Gartner's decision criteria). These are both good things in an early, nascent technology market, in my opinion. We are technology vendors after all. 

 What's next for this Marketscope? Service providers meshed back in as software consolidation happens (predicted in the 2009 document)? Pure cloud/SaaS vendors integrate with in-house software, or external counsel Law firms build new streams of revenue through new offerings and get included? More international vendors come up during 2010? Less point E-Discovery tools are purchased by General Counsel, or more? All great questions and an exciting market segment to be in for 2010. 

 Enough of my rambling about it, you can and should read this Marketscope for E-Discovery Software Product Vendors, 2009 yourself, and you can do so by getting it right here


Nick Wade
Group Product Manager, Enterprise Vault
Symantec Corporation