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Symantec Rewards are truly International

Created: 07 Jul 2009 • Updated: 07 Jul 2009 • 6 comments
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I am writing this from Bangalore,India.
One day I realised that I have earned enough point to redeem it so I looked at the Showcase Items and found that I have most the items and few are only for US and few I dont need.
Then a comment by ErikW in  gave me a new Ray of Hope

Then I logged on to Amazon website and browsed a little bit and found these two pages

Then I really Appreciate ErikW taking his time and writing this blog post which helped me a lot

Finally it was time or order goods
so I ordered these three items as a Special request

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Unlocked Cell Phone with International 3G, 3.2 MP Camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, MicroSD Slot--International Version with No Warranty (Blue) (2340 pts) 
Galaxy 28 LED Flashlight(235 pts)
Leatherman Micra (200 pts)

It took some time for Amazon to send the Mobile phone to symantec after that was received I got email from Webwise team about my shipment details and it reached me before expected

Tracking history...

Date and time Status Location Service Area
7/6/2009 2:10 pm Shipment delivered. Bangalore, India
9:33 am With delivery courier. Bangalore, India
7/4/2009 2:25 pm Delivery attempted; recipient not home Bangalore, India ---I was not expecting it so fast
ngalore, India
8:51 am Arrived at DHL facility. Bangalore, India
7:01 am Depart Facility Bangalore, India
7:01 am Processed at DHL Location. Bangalore, India
7/3/2009 11:40 pm Processed at DHL Location. Bangalore, India
10:59 pm Clearance processing complete Bangalore, India
6:27 am Transit through DHL facility Bangalore, India
7/2/2009 12:05 pm Depart Facility London-heathrow, United Kingdom
3:33 am Processed at DHL Location. London-heathrow, United Kingdom
7/1/2009 10:39 pm Transit through DHL facility London-heathrow, United Kingdom
8:08 pm Depart Facility East Midlands, United Kingdom
8:07 pm In transit. East Midlands, United Kingdom
6:57 am Depart Facility Wilmington, OH
3:28 am In transit. Wilmington, OH
2:42 am Transit through DHL facility Wilmington, OH
6/30/2009 9:42 pm Depart Facility Aurora, CO
8:51 pm Transit through DHL facility Aurora, CO
8:17 pm Depart Facility West Valley City, UT
8:15 pm Transit through DHL facility West Valley City, UT
6:12 pm Processed at DHL Location. West Valley City, UT
6:11 pm Departing origin. West Valley City, UT
4:47 pm Shipment picked up West Valley City, UT

When I recieved the my package I was expecting the Shipment cost to be around 100 to 120 $ but i was shocked to find out the shipment was free.

The followup and information given by Symantec ( mbmillecam ) was amazing and right on time.

So the you can get almost anything to almost any place from these reward points.

This is for all of you living all over the world reading this "Symantec Forum and Rewards are best in the market"
So a Symantec Customer/User need not wait in the support queue or scratch there heads if they are stuck on any issue related to a symantec product just post your question and receive number of Solutions and pick the one you like.

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erikw's picture

I'm really appreciate that you recommend my artcile and comments about international shipping and I'm hope every body likes it to.
My congratulations in receiving the items. I hope you enjoy them for a very long time.
MBmillecam is very helpfull. If it is possible, she will arrange it for you.
She really deserves a big bundle of flowers in her support to all community members.

Regards Erik Dinamiqs is the home of VirtualStorm (

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good enjoy your phone :) I do have already N96 so I plan to order perhaps hard disk 1TB? is there any portable 2 TB disk yet ...

Just one person saying to me, “You’ve made my day!” makes my day.

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WOW! i hope i can have rewards like those things......




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riva11's picture

The main fatc is to see the huge quantity of contributions coming from people that living everywhere in the world. This site is growing thanks these  people and their contributions with blogs, articles, downloads, and replies to questions, issues and etc.

Rewarding is part of this Symantec program, but is important to give an incentive to continue to give support to all these contributors.


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deepak.vasudevan's picture

The rewards programme should definitely be an encouraging one for a healthy and passionate knowledge-sharing.

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sandy321's picture

i m newest member of the site

and a lot fascinated to see the award system in here.

i think this would encourage people more to post their ideas and solutions to the needfuls

great job symantec.

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