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Symantec State of Spam Report for May 2008

Created: 07 May 2008 21:59:10 GMT • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 18:41:08 GMT
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As April came to a close, NDR (non-delivery report) spam diminished. In the April State of Spam Report, Symantec reported that NDR spam was 3.7% of all spam observed. Spammers appeared to be playing with the viability of this technique. At this time the numbers of this spam type are down to less than 2%. Symantec has been tracking this spam type over the past couple of months and has provided a graph in the May State of Spam Report that shows the changing volume levels.

However, the loss of momentum with NDR spam does not mean that spammers were resting. This was evidenced by the emergence of "calendar invite" spam in April. The samples observed were "419" or "Nigerian" spam sent with a meeting or calendar invitation attached. While the volume of this emerging spam was low, it does still illustrate the lengths that spammers are willing to go to spread their messages.

"Spear phishing" attacks are also discussed in the latest State of Spam Report. In the samples observed, spammers targeted organizations, commanding the recipient within the organization to appear and testify before the Grand Jury of the United States District Court. The target was directed to download documents related to the matter by clicking on a fraudulent link inserted into the body of the email. However, the link actually downloaded a keystroke-logging Trojan.

Other points in the May State of Spam Report include:

  • Spammers “Google” the Google Brand The emergence of phishing emails purporting to come from the Google AdWords service.
  • Spammer’s Who’s Who Network – Social networking the spammer’s way.
  • Spammers: The New Movie Casting Agents – Spammers posing as movie casting agents in order to steal your personal information.
  • IRS Phishing Tricks You into ‘Biting’ the Bait – Spammers tricking you into playing a vampire.

Details on spam levels and their countries of origin are also available in this month’s report. For more details and to read this month’s report, please see the Symantec State of Spam site.

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