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Symantec Supplies Right Tools to Specialize in Mobility Solutions

Created: 16 Nov 2012 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014
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Everyone knows that having the best tools available can make all the difference in getting things done, as anyone who has ever used a shoe as a hammer can attest to. At Symantec, we are constantly working to create new tools that will improve our partners’ ability to provide Symantec products to their customers, driving profitability and success. And one of our key methods for doing this is through our Specialization program, which gives our partners the opportunity to differentiate themselves from other solutions providers, earn incentives and maximize profitability.

To complement our other 12 Specialization offerings within our partner program, we added a new Mobility Solution Specialization. Because of the enormous pressure being placed on businesses today to allow employees to use mobile devices – including employee-owned smartphones and tablets – this new Specialization is designed to provide recognition for Symantec partners who have acquired comprehensive knowledge and expertise in Symantec’s mobility solutions. At the core of the Mobility Solution Specialization are Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Security, giving organizations granular control over their mobile deployments and offering different levels of oversight on mobile devices, according to customers’ specific policies and needs.

Partner Benefits

Existing Symantec partners will benefit by further diversifying their credentials to take advantage of a rapidly growing market for mobile management tools, which has become an integral part of the competitive partner market. BYOD, in particular, is a source of contention for businesses. Partners are in a unique position to help overcome the challenges BYOD presents by offering a complete set of solutions that provide organizations with the high level of oversight needed when dealing with employee-owned devices. Partners who are Specialists in security solutions will also find it beneficial to add mobility expertise to their arsenal, particularly as the mobile security needs of their customers is likely to grow. Partners new to Symantec solutions gain the advantage of offering a more complete suite of products as opposed to point solutions developed by other vendors – providing their customers with a comprehensive and effective mobile strategy to simplify today’s complex IT environment.

Partners who achieve the Mobility Solution Specialization will have access to margin points as well as licensing, services and hardware revenue, to contribute toward the growth of their business. Other financial incentives include access to the Symantec Opportunity Registration Program. They will also be granted access to training, tools and technical resources as well as access to the Beta Product Program – all of which are available to partners who become Specialists. In addition, the Mobility Solution Specialization provides partners with the opportunity to achieve higher recognition levels within the Partner Program and become a Platinum, Gold or Silver partner.

As technology continues to evolve in the business world, partners must be continually adjusting and broadening their offerings in order to address ever-changing needs and provide the value their customers expect. In response to this, Symantec’s Mobility Solution Specialization – in addition to the other 12 Specializations – provides partners with the tools and resources needed to increase their marketability, drive additional revenue and get the job done.

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