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Netbackup Logs & Symantec Support

Created: 10 Apr 2009 • Updated: 10 Apr 2009 • 2 comments
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In our day to day backup administration life we have to face lots or problems, some create panic and some do not; and we often have to log a case with symantec support, initally we log the case and describe the issue we are facing, in response to that support engineer request for logs. From call logging to inital response we some times have to wait  2 hours which irritate more at time you are in panic situation. Let me explain the support material required by symantec support to resolve any issue.

Support team often require various materials, there are 3 generic types:

  1. NetBackup support material 
  2. NetBackup diagnostic material
  3. Individual commands and/or procedures 

Netbackup Support Material

The NetBackup support materials used to be collected by the nbsupport tool, nowadays that is replaced by the "nbsu" tool, this is available to download at following link. you need to read that link for details of usage. 

The "nbsu" or "nbsupport" tool collects information about the system environment, details of the OS complete with system logs, NBU configuration & logs note these are NOT the diagnostic logs. this tool is often located/placed at :



The NBU Troubleshooting Guide: 

provides further information about "nbsu".

NetBackup Diagnostic Material 

The NetBackup diagnostic materials are normally the diagnostic logs. These come in 2 forms:

  • Legacy Logs
  • Unified Logs

Details of these are provided in the Troubleshooting Guide (URL above). Note that Unified logs will on occasion need to be analysed on the source system (and images therefore be retained). As detailed in the Troubleshooting guide, NBU Reports can also provide useful diagnostic materials. 

Individual commands and/or procedures

Individual commands and procedures are normally "ah hoc"; however of note is the catalog consistency check tool, "nbcc": 

In general, when diagnostics and/or commands/procedures are requested, then the following process order should be followed: 

  • The diagnostics need to be set up (Changeing VERBOSE=5, Creating log Directories).
  • Failing policy be run.
  • Diagnostics/command/procedures & support materials all be collected within 24 hours (of failing policy).
  • Clear down diagnostics. 

It should also be noted that NBU failures are often associated with "Exit Error Codes". When such codes are identified, initial investigation should use the Symantec "Status Code" matrix: 

Preferably, these procedures should be carried out (and documented with evidence) prior to problem escalation. I hope this will be helpful to you.

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 Good one !

Thanks, Karthikeyan Sundaram.

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