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Symantec™ Validation and ID Protection Service

Created: 07 Feb 2013 • Updated: 07 Feb 2013
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Securing access to networks and applications.

Sophisticated network attacks have rendered simple password authentication insufficient to protect an organization against unauthorized access to its network and applications. The ramifications of unauthorized access to confidential information are dire: non-compliance, financial penalties, and theft of intellectual property.

Symantec™ Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP) is a leading cloud-based strong authentication service that can enable your customer’s enterprises to secure access to networks and applications while preventing access by malicious unauthorized attackers.


  • Cloud-based infrastructure—Secure, reliable, and scalable service delivers authentication without requiring dedicated on-premise server hardware.
  • Transparent risk-based token-less authentication— Leverage device and behavior profiling to block risky logon attempts without changing the legitimate user's logon experience.
  • Multiple two-factor credential options—Deploy one-time password credentials in a variety of hardware, software, or mobile form factors.
  • Free mobile and desktop device credentials—Support for over 900 Android™, iOS®, Blackberry™, Windows® Phone, or J2ME™ or BREW devices.
  • Out-of-band support—Authenticate users via SMS text messages. voice phone calls, or email.
  • Self-service credential provisioning—Deploy strong authentication to endusers without requiring IT helpdesk or administrator configuration or intervention.
  • Enterprise infrastructure support—Integrates with popular enterprise VPNs, webmail, SSO applications, and corporate directories.
  • Web-based application integration—Add strong authentication using the VIP web services API in your preferred programming language.
  • Future-proof - easy delivery of new capabilities, in additional to integration with Symantec™ Global Intelligence Network, Symantec™ Endpoint Protection, Norton™, and Intel® Identity Protection Technology (IPT)- enabled computers; allowing you to stay ahead of emerging threats.

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