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Symantec VIP - May 2013 Product Updates

Created: 10 May 2013
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Symantec VIP added some new functionality in past few months.

VIP Third-Party Integrations

Symantec VIP provides almost 30 enterprise third party application plug-ins integrating seamlessly with industry standard VPNs, enterprise access manager and single sign on products, remote desktop access products, and end-point authentication modules over Windows, Linux and other UNIX platforms. In the past few months, we focused on enhancing console login experience with Windows Sever 2008 and Windows 7, enabled Microsoft NPS servers and Cisco ISE to authenticate with Symantec VIP, ensured Cisco Secure ACS 5.x compatibility with the VIP services.

  1. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 – Microsoft Windows Console Login can be enhanced to integrate with custom security protocols like smart card, two factor authentication by developing credential provider modules. Symantec VIP Credential Provider for Windows has been providing strong authentication to all the Active Directory users in an enterprise. However, some organizations prefer to provide strong authentication to users with elevated privileges (e.g. desktop administrators) and only AD password based authentication to rest of the users. Symantec VIP Credential Provider can now offer selective strong authentication to a subset of the users.
  2. Microsoft Network Policy Server (NPS) – provides local and remote network access and central configuration and management of network policies for authentication, authorization and accounting. Symantec VIP now offers a plug-in for Microsoft NPS that can enhance the server capability to authenticate with the VIP services for strong authentication and seamlessly integrate with an organization’s existing remote access infrastructure like a VPN.
  3. Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) – is an all-in-one enterprise policy control for networking devices in wired, wireless and VPN access. Cisco ISE offers device identification, matching it to the user or function and time, location and network to create a contextual identity. This identity can be used to apply control on who is accessing and what is being accessed in the enterprise. VIP Services, integrated to Cisco ISE authentication using RADIUS protocol, can enhance the user validation and protect user identity
  4. Cisco Secure Access Control System (Secure ACS) – is a sophisticated policy platform providing access control management and compliance. It also provides central management of access policies for device administration, wireless, wired 802.1 and remote (VPN) network access scenarios. VIP Services has been integrated with the authentication framework of this policy server using RADIUS protocol. We have now validated the compatibility of our solution with the 5.x versions of the product as well. 

These updates have been possible only with your continuous feedback on improvements, enhancements and reaching to us through various support requests, direct interactions and forum postings. Watch out for this space for some significant updates coming your way.

Thank you,

The Symantec VIP Team