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Symantec VIP - September Product Updates

Created: 20 Sep 2012 • Updated: 20 Sep 2012
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The month of September has seen some of the significant product updates to Symantec VIP. Here is a summary of what’s new.

VIP Access Desktop 2.1 for Windows

Earlier this month we released VIP Access Desktop v2.1 for Windows with specific focus on our enterprise customers. Here are the salient features for the release:

  • Enterprise-friendly installation with MSI push
  • Accessibility support compliant with US Section 508
  • Credential “reset” with the VIP Service to resolve time synchronization issues
  • Optional credential deletion during uninstallation
  • All new Symantec look and feel

You can upgrade your existing installation of VIP Access Desktop 2.0.x to 2.1 through LiveUpdate, or download from or VIP Manager.

VIP Third-Party Integrations

Symantec VIP provides almost 25 enterprise third party application plug-ins integrating seamlessly with industry standard VPNs, enterprise access manager and single sign on products, remote desktop access products, end-point authentication modules over Windows, Linux and other Unix platforms. Here are the plug-ins that we enhanced as part of our release this month.

  1. IBM Tivoli® Access Manager - Tivoli Access Manager is an industry acclaimed authentication, authorization and Web Single-Sign On solution providing identity and security policy management over large number of enterprise web and application resources. The Symantec VIP plug-in for Tivoli Access Manager now supports VIP Intelligent Authentication; thus providing a complete enterprise wide identity protection and risk-based authentication capabilities to all the enterprise applications managed by the Tivoli security policies.


  1. LogMeIn – Remote Access and Desktop Management products have become standard tools in most enterprises’ IT Service Desk today. Accessing enterprise resources over external networks pose additional risk of entry of staff with improperly validated or stolen identities. Symantec VIP provides a strong authentication solution in minimizing these risks. By integrating with LogMeIn this month, we provide enterprise service desk a secured access to all enterprise resources.


  1. Microsoft Internet Information Server 7.x – Microsoft Internet Information Server 7.x provides a backbone for many enterprise web based applications. It serves as a web and application server providing standardized services including authentication. Using the new VIP plug-in for IIS, applications using Form Based Authentication services of Microsoft IIS 7.x can seamlessly integrate with Symantec VIP. The following well known enterprise applications have been tested with the VIP IIS 7.x plug-in:
    1. Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services 2.0
    2. Microsoft Outlook 2010 Web Access
    3. Microsoft SharePoint 2010
    4. Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access


  1. Apache® HTTP Server – The Symantec VIP plug-in for Apache® HTTP Server running on RedHat Enterprise Linux Platforms provides a generic interface for integrating strong authentication into applications using forms based authentication. With a significant number of enterprise servers running on Apache web servers, the VIP plugin on this platform can provide strong authentication to large number of enterprise applications.

These updates have been possible only with your continuous feedback on improvements, enhancements and reaching to us through various support requests, direct interactions and forum postings. Please continue to provide us with your support through your valuable comments and help us build a better product.

Thank you,

The Symantec VIP Team