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Symantec VIP Update: Enhanced Self Service Portal and VIP Manager

Created: 19 Dec 2013 • Translations available: 日本語
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Symantec would like to announce an update of the Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP), with enhancements for VIP Self Service Portal and VIP Manager.

The VIP Self Service Portal has been redesigned! The portal now has an updated visual design and simplified page for managing your credentials, and an option for organizations to display their logo at the top. In the VIP Manager, new features and settings have been added for further customization and security, including changes to the password requirements. These new features have been automatically updated in the web-based portals, unless otherwise noted. 


Summary of New Features

  1. Self-Service Portal Enhancements
  2. VIP Manager Enhancements
  3. VIP Manager Password Security 

Feature Highlights

Self-Service Portal Enhancements

  • Redesigned VIP Self Service Portal and Registered Credentials page.
  • The Self Service Portal can also be co-branded with a customer logo.* 
  • New remote-device diagnostic page allows admins to troubleshoot ithe Registered Computer plug-in (a component of VIP Intelligent Authentication). This page will identify whether the plug-in is installed and offer additional information.
  • Support for Simplified Chinese.
  • Support for Chrome on Mac, Windows 8 with IE10 only, and Windows 8.1 with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 7 or later.


VIP Manager Enhancements

  • The Groups feature now supports linking Admin Groups to specific User Groups, to allow for further customization around administrator privileges.**
  • Direct Sign-In setting offers the ability to disable sign-in directly to the VIP Manager portal and allow admins to authenticate seamlessly from a corporate identity provider (IdP), such as Microsoft Active Directory.**
  • Reports will now default to use the local time zone of the administrator, for a better user experience.

VIP Manager Password Security Features 

  • The default validity period for temporary passwords is now 30 minutes rather than 7 days.
  • When resetting a password, admins must provide two security codes with the temporary password, rather than just one.
  • Support special characters for passwords.

* Exception: Co-branding does not appear on the login page for this release.

** This feature requires an update to Enterprise Gateway 9.3 or later.



Technical Support

We value your business and are committed to customer care.  Please contact us if we can assist or answer any questions. Symantec Support can be reached via email at: or by phone at +1-650-426-3535 or 1-800-579-2848. You can also visit the VIP support Knowledge Center.


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