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Symantec Vision 2011 Scavenger Hunt Day Two Tasks

Created: 28 Sep 2011 • Updated: 19 May 2014
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To enter today’s Vision Scavenger Hunt, create a blog post on Symantec Connect regarding challenges organisations face with cloud computing and how they can minimize these challenges.

In the blog post, include the following items:

  • A photograph which includes a cloud/clouds. Photos from the Symantec Vision Flickr Group or Symantec’s Flickr account are allowed. Electronically modified photos are also accepted.
  • The name of a song that reminds you of the clouds (and state why in your blog post) for posting on Symantec’s station. (Please only name the song, do not submit.)
  • A link to a blog post on Symantec Connect that shares best practices in dealing with cloud computing. You can create your own blog if you’d like!
  • A statistic about the cloud from one of Symantec’s research reports on Link to the research report.

Post your blog to the “Vision User Conference” community (in the Tag section as you post). Select “Symantec Vision” as the product and include “#symanteccontest” as the Free Tag. The blog post must be in English. 

The entry will be judged by pre-selected Symantec Community members based on creativity and task completion.

For official rules and restrictions, click here or visit the official home page of the Symantec Vision 2011 Scavenger Hunt.