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Symantec wins 2 leading industry awards in Middle-East and North Africa

Created: 16 May 2012 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014
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I am very happy to share that Symantec recently won 2 of the most prestigious awards from 2 of the most reputable publishing houses in the Middle East Region. “Security Vendor of the Year” was awarded to Symantec at the Network World Middle East Awards 2012 by publishing house Corporate Publishing International (CPI). The very next night, guess who won the “Software Vendor of the Year” at the Channel Middle East Awards 2012 by Information Technology Publishing (ITP)?
Symantec, of course!
First of all, I would like to thank our team in the region for getting us to the stage where well-regarded media and organizations clearly see us as an industry leader, recognizing our technology and business leadership. These very special awards have no other  consideration besides reputation, presence, Symantec offering and making a difference to the partner community. The entire team has made this happen through their ongoing strive to present and advocate our technological excellence and business successes with remarkable dedication!
These leading awards also recognize our relevance and dynamism to our partner communities in the region. As you know, the majority of Symantec revenue is generated through the channel, so our partners are a fundamental asset. Symantec’s partnering vision is to offer channel partners the opportunity for predictable, profitable growth with relevant market-leading solutions that help protect and manage their customers’ information, partnered with quality service, necessary skills and tools that will help them to deliver superior value to their customers - spanning enterprise, mid-market, small business and consumer sectors.
In addition to diverse solutions, Symantec also drives significant support for the channel community with demand generation initiatives, marketing support, discount programmes, specialisations and sales support that add significant value to the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) channel community helping them enhance their overall offering to customers and increase business revenue.
These awards clearly give a fantastic sign to the MENA markets, where our partners and our customers more than ever see us as a dependable player of choice. It’s our task to continue this great job in FY13 and make sure that they also see us as the company they will trust to offer the highest standard in information protection.
Johnny Karam