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The year so far...
Created: 21 Mar 2014 • Updated: 30 Apr 2014
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Welcome to the first of many support blogs! It's been a busy year for everyone, with cloud-based IT solutions continuing to snatch headlines everywhere. We thought it would be a good time to share what we're doing in support.

Top Issues!

Here in support we monitor all of the issues coming through. Two items in particular come up time and time again and they are the most prevalent reasons our customers contact support for 2014 so far.

The first of these is Mail Failures. process literally billions of mail connections each week, so a certain degree of mail failures are to be expected. It might surprise you to learn however, that less than 10% of the mail failures investigated are as a result of the Email Security Service. Most mail failures occur with the sender or recipient.

With that in mind, we always advise our customers to read any bounceback message they receive carefully. We've put together some information for understanding these messages better, located here:

We'd also like to tout the Track and Trace tool within ClientNet, which can tell you what happened to any email that passed through your service with us. This tool was updated recently to show full log data too, so it works for both techies and novices!

We're also in the process of building more tools to help you work with the service that's keeping you safe, so check back with this blog to keep updated.

The other common issue is the Submission of Spam Samples. Spam is an ever changing landscape, and we manage to stop 99% of it. We're working on that last 1% too, and we're making headway with the help of our customers who submit samples of mail they perceive as spam to support. Whilst we in support are happy to receive them, there are two other quick and easy ways of getting spam samples straight to our anti-spam engineers. Within ClientNet, the Tools tab has a link to the Spam Analysis Tool. You can run a mail through this to see what our system thought of it, and submit it directly to an Anti Spam Engineer if you think we could improve our decision.

Specifically for Exchange environments, we've also got the Symantec Email Submission Client (SESC) available in the Downloads section of the ClientNet Portal. This is a install than your Exchange administrator can add to your environment; the end result is every user having a folder in their Outlook in which they can drop any spurious mail. This mail is picked up for re-analysis by our engineers.

It's tools like these that assist us with staying on top of the spam we're protecting our users from. You might say using them is helping us to help you!

Voice of the customer!

If you've ever had cause to contact support, you'll know that every case is followed up with a satisfaction survey. We use this information to continually improve our service and support, and the support management team read every single comment. We thought we'd take this opportunity to share with you some of the things that you, our customers, have said about support:

"The technician waited while I relogged back into Windows as the end user to confirm things still looked fine, I appreciated that." - support is built on putting skilled technicians on the phone to the customer. The agents are not restricted on time and will work with you for as long as it take to get your issue resolved.

"Basel was great, very helpful and addressed my issue extremely fast. Thank you Basel :)"
"Kathryn and Stefan were most helpful throughout any issues experienced during this setup. Nothing was too much trouble for them. I wanted to mention them by name as this excellent customer service should be recognised."
"Kevin was excellent. Thoroughly recommend him to others needing support."
- We like to take the personal approach, we know the customer's aren't robots, and neither are we!

"Howard was extremely helpful through out the escalation and I would like to thank him for his time." - Howard is a member of the management team. We're not always perfect, so the management team are always on hand to help if you feel you aren't getting the support you need. Escalation details are available in ClientNet, in the Support section.

"Issue was not something that could be resolved as it was internal to us. I was able to resolve it myself." - This happens more than you might think, but we always try to help. One of our mantras in support is "Guilty until proven innocent!" which means we'll treat every issue as our own.

That's all for this first installment of the support blog. If you've got any comments or suggestions for future posts, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.