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System Emulation Using QEMU

Created: 22 Oct 2007 • Updated: 24 Aug 2013 • 2 comments
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A good way to test SVS features is through the virtual machine (VM) technology. There are different VM options available like VMware Workstation, Microsoft Virtual PC, Innotek VirtualBox, that allow you to create and manage Virtual Machines.

Another good product is QEMU, an open source emulator, available for Linux and Windows. Here's an interesting article that explains this product in detail on IBM DeveloperWorks: System Emulation with QEMU, The Machine within the Machine. Link: System Emulation with QEMU It contains a good description of virtualization concepts, QEMU architecture and a complete how to install and use this software.

From the Article:

QEMU is an open source emulator for complete PC systems. In addition to emulating a processor, QEMU permits emulation of all necessary subsystems, such as networking and video hardware. It also permits emulation of advanced concepts, such as symmetric multiprocessing systems (up to 255 CPUs) and other processor architectures, such as ARM or PowerPC. This article explores QEMU and its architecture and shows how to emulate a guest operating system on a Linux host.

[Updated] Here a virtualization utilities list, also including QEMU prepackaged images.

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In case you need QEMU prepackaged images for Linux SVS tests , there are a large collection from the Free Operating Systems Zoo at the following link:

Images are available in TAR and ZIP format file.


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really nice collection there. if your looking for os images it may also be prudent to check rbuilder . They have a pretty good collection of images, some are even actively maintained!!! These are mostly based off rpath linux, and are usualy need driven appliances.

Depending on the project you can find images for xenserver, vmware esx/server, raw hd, virtual iron, microsoft virtual server. enjoy.

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