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Systems Administrators—we thank you

Created: 30 Jul 2010 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • 3 comments • Page Views: 20
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What do you do if your computer freezes and restarting just won’t do the trick? Or if you click on a link that ends up being malicious? What if your hard drive crashes and none of your files are where they should be? If you’re anything like me—you call on your systems administrator who comes in to save the day.

Most administrators do much more than handle support-related requests. They keep entire data centers up and running, they recover and protect valuable customer data and keep systems up to date so that they are safe from malicious attacks and other causes of downtime. They manage an ever-increasing amount of data and storage resources that keeps growing and growing. They wear sweatshirts to work in July because of the cool environments in which they are forced to work.

Now think of where you and your business would be without good systems administrators. Valuable time, resources and frustration would be expended trying to resolve issues and managing resources resulting in a great deal of loss and disorder for your organization. Today, Symantec is thanking those systems administrators for the countless hours of behind-the-scenes work that keeps businesses moving every day.

In today’s world of business, companies can’t afford to be offline or risk losing important and business critical data. So with all of the threats that networks face such security breaches, physical damage and employee error, a good systems administrator is an invaluable resource.

Most of the work done by systems administrators is done to protect against these potential dangers. Security software is installed and monitored, and files are backed up and maintained on networks. While these efforts don’t typically get put in the spotlight, they are an organization’s lifeline against potential threats and hazards that could otherwise cripple a business if not properly executed before disaster strikes.

All too often, the time and energy spent to ensure the security, manageability and efficiency go unnoticed and underappreciated. So to all of the systems administrators that make business possible, we thank you.

Today for System Administrator Appreciation Day, you may want to check out some of the stories that will be posted on our Facebook account or through Symantec Connect. We hope you join in the fun and submit your own stories. So how will you thank your systems administrators today?

Steve Morton, VP, Symantec

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KSchroeder's picture

...will your systems administrator covertly smuggle you a box of sprinkle-covered doughnuts, hidden in a "new laptop" box?  surprise is Morten or Morton?  The signature above says "Morten"....?  (even more first stab at this post said "Morten or Moron"? classic!)

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Kyle that made me chuckle :)

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Zahid.Haseeb's picture

Good work Steve

Any comment will be appreciated. Mark as Solution if your query is resolved
Thanks in Advance
Zahid Haseeb

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