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Tagging Posts with Rojo

Created: 23 Sep 2005 • Updated: 08 Aug 2012
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I’ve spent some time using the Rojo service lately.  I haven’t invested the time to configure it for what it’s meant for – social networking as blog-reading aide – but am planning on it. However, I have been using a handy feature they offer: the ability to quickly tag a post. In “expanded” mode, Rojo presents a small type-in field that I can use to tag that post. I’ve been using this feature to label posts I’d like to come back to, and I’ve found it quite useful. It’s quicker than adding bookmarks, and keeping them organized. Better, I can share ‘em.

I know Technorati has addressed both author-assigned tagging (via Flickr and Buzznet) and reader-assigned tagging (via and Furl), but it’s just so much simpler with Rojo. Type in the tag, hit enter and your done. Cool.