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Take a Peek at What Goes on Inside #Altiris Chat

Created: 24 Mar 2011 • Updated: 25 Mar 2011
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You've seen the post in this community about the #Altiris chat - manned by volunteers who are Altiris Admins like you and willing to answer your questions. But have you ever wondered what goes on, without actually wanting to wander into that great unknown? Or worse yet, have you wandered in and no one is there?! We don't always have answers to the questions that are asked, but we do our best.

One of the #Altiris regulars GaurhothW put this report together showing what times are most active (times listed are EST) and who is most active. You can also see some of the random comments - thus we will be watching what we say so we aren't randomly quoted saying something embarrassing!

The information on this report updates periodically #altiris @ Freenode stats by Gaurhoth

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