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Temporarily Disable Scheduled Tasks

Created: 23 Dec 2008 • Updated: 23 Dec 2008
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In my environment (NS 6) there are a lot of scheduled tasks running on permanent time and day but from time to time I need to temporary disable a task and then enable it again.

With NS 6 there is only one option to disable task:

By disabling the shared scheduled that the user uses (IF he uses...) but in this way all the tasks that use the same shared scheduled will be also disabled.

The other way is delete the scheduled task and then recreate it when you need it again. Not very good option when the task runs on a variety of collections and computers...

So I came up with another option that allow me to disable the task but keeps it from deletion (and the collections\computers selections).

Create new shared scheduled in:
Configuration-> notification sever settings -> shared scheduled.

Select "Add scheduled", call it something like "Disabled task" and set it to run once in somewhere far in the future like "1/1/2100"

Now, every time you need to temporarily disable a task, all you need to do is to edit the task and select "Disabled task" shared schedule.

To enable the task edit again and select the proper shared task or create new custom schedule.

I hope you will find this helpful!