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Test your password : How Secure Is My Password

Created: 25 Aug 2010 • Updated: 25 Aug 2010 • 1 comment
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I have already wrote about where find online resources to check how strong is your password.  Here the reference about these blog posts.

Test your password : Microsoft password checker

Test your password : The Password Meter

The How secure is mypassword  website  shows a different approach about how to manage safe passwords.First of all you have to generate a safe password , then analyze this password in the How secure is mypassword  website . The result will be an estimated time to crack the password.

How It Works

It's just a bit of simple maths: (number of possible characters to the power of length of the password) divided by calculations per second. Currently this site will only check against the 13 most common symbols in English:

! @ # $ % ^ , & * ? _ ~ -

Any other symbols will be ignored.

Link : How secure is mypassword

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Nice and easy test. thx

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