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Texas University Reduces Backup Window with Backup Exec

Created: 24 Apr 2009
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In May of 2008, a fire ravaged a building on the campus of Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio. The building housed among other things, the University’s data center. Luckily for the students, faculty, and especially the IT staff there was little or no damage to the servers, and the University was able to get its IT infrastructure up and running within 2 days.

This event served as a wakeup call for the IT department. They had been working towards nightly backups, but because of the astronomical growth in data each year this proved difficult. At the time of the fire the University was on Backup Exec 10, which was working fine, but the IT department decided it needed a more robust solution so it upgraded to Backup Exec 12 along with a new tape library.

The University is now on Backup Exec 12.5. Since upgrading they have reduced back up times by between 30 and 40 percent and are moving closer to their goal of nightly backups.

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