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Things to look for when configuring load balancer with Symantec Workspace Streaming

Created: 27 Nov 2012 • 1 comment
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I've been asked this question several times, so I thought it might be worth blogging it.

You are probably aware that a load balancer is required if you need your Symantec Workspace Streaming environment to be highly available, scalable, robust and all that good stuff. Now, when you do setup a load balancer, you need to make sure it has been setup correctly with all the necessary configurations implemented the way you intended it to be. Check out the connect article where it talks about configuring load balancer with Symantec Workspace Streaming.

After you think you have configured it all well, the moment of truth is when the users use. Or should that be the moment of truth? To avoid any escalations and embarassment, ideally you should test these configurations. Ideally, the following 5 functionalities should be tested.

Health check of the nodes - Depending pn the frequency of health check and the type of health check, load balancer reacts to change of state in the node. To ensure the health checks are correct try a. turning of windows service for various streaming server components b. shutdown machine c. restrict access to IP range d. ensure firewall settings
Accessibility from end points – SInce this is an external address through which the endpoints will be accessing the streaming server nodes, you may want to ensure that various locations that are intended to have access to this address has access and the anything outside that range should not have access
Session stickiness – this is important from the streaming session perspective since, the state of the stream is maintained, session stickiness should work correctly. This will validate the rules you would have set for the session to be sticky to a particular node i.e. an endpoint who visited before should be routed to the same node based on the rule
Load balancing – when new end points come in you want to ensure they get routed to other nodes per routing algorithm (load based, resource based, proximity based, etc.)
Failover – this tests that all nodes are configured equal and can take over from another node. You would also be testing session adoption, which takes care of live streaming sessions switched to the new node and starts from where it left off

Hope this gives you some idea of what to look for when configuring load balancer with Symantec Workspace Streaming.

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Thank you Nirmal. Helpful one to consider when testing Load Balancers in Streaming system.

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