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"Throttle" concept in Symantec Workflow

Created: 25 Jul 2012 • Updated: 25 Jul 2012
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The attached .zip (rename as a .package to open) demonstrates the "throttle" concept in Workflow.

The concept of a throttle in Workflow is basically to slow things down in a tight loop to give other external processing a chance to "catch up".

The flow starts off by declaring a 15-long array and our throttle variable, an integer initially set to 1. Our plan is to pause for 5 seconds for every 5 elements we advance in the array. Inside the loop, we use a "demo" component to represent our processing. Immediately afterwards, we check if our throttle variable is greater than or equal to 5. If less than 5, we increment throttle by 1. If greater than or equal to 5, we pause for 5 seconds, then we decement throttle all the way back down to 1 to start anew.

Hopefully this helps Workflow users of all skill levels to help slow things down a bit where needed.