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Tim Callan has left Symantec

Created: 19 Mar 2011 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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Hello readers. Yesterday was my last day as a Symantec employee, and this entry is my last on Tim Callan's SSL Blog. After nearly seven years at VeriSign/Symantec I am moving on. The transition of the VeriSign authentication business since our acquisition in August 2010 has gone well, and with the approach of a new Symantec fiscal year, it's the right time for me to hand my responsibilities over to the going-forward team and find my own next adventure. I don't know right now what that adventure is, but if you're interested, just follow Tim Callan on Twitter, and I'll let you know. I also am authoring my own, personal blog, Tim Callan on Marketing and Technology, and I encourage you to come see me there as well. The future of this blog will have to be determined by the Symantec team. I don't know if they'll choose to leave it up as is, to continue adding posts, or to take it down. Whatever their decision, I want to thank you, my readers. When I started it nearly five years ago, I didn't really understand where it would go and what it would become. Now, 439 posts later, it has been nominated for a prestigious security blogging award, snarked by Network World, and read by tens of thousands of industry watchers. It has been an unambiguously positive chapter in my life and has established blogging and social media habits that I'll continue for the rest of my career. It's been a hell of a ride. Farewell.