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Top 10 Computer Viruses of 2009

Created: 07 Aug 2009 • 4 comments
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Here is a listing of Top 10 Threats by Bright Hub web site , In the article "Top 10 Computer Viruses of 2009" by Sategroup , there is the complete list about the worst viruses in this year.

Top Viruses of 2009 : Based on Ranking

  • Rank 1: Win32/Conficker
  • Rank 2: INF/Autorun
  • Rank 3: Win32/PSW.OnLineGames
  • Rank 4: Wind32/Agent
  • Rank 5: Win32/FlyStudio
  • Rank 6: INF/Conficker
  • Rank 7: Win32/Pacex.Gen
  • Rank 8: WMA/TrojanDownloader.GetCodec
  • Rank 9: Win32/Qhost
  • Rank 10: Win32/Autorun

Link :  Top 10 Computer Viruses of 2009 

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Jeremy Dundon's picture

It also spotlights something that I speak about often, the importance of Windows Patches.

The #1 top virus was Conficker (Downadup as we call it) and the article even indicates "To avoid this threat, end users must update their system with the patch already available since October."

In other words, the #1 virus in recent months is only #1 because of the huge number of environments that are not properly patched.

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riva11's picture

Correct Jeremy, the main mission for eveery IT admin is align computers to the latest Windows patches, in this way is increased the possibility to limit a virus attack form "old" virus". For the new , the solution is the "Great Wall" , an updated corporate antivirus.

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Nel Ramos's picture

We had the virus Bloodhound.Exploit.196 infect us with 17,965 hits...
SEPM was good enough to clear them automatically...
100,000 hits all cleared by SEPM...
WOW !!! That is a great help...

Nel Ramos

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riva11's picture

Thanks to share your story with us.


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