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Top Data Protection Myths - Myth 6

Created: 12 Sep 2008 19:00:10 GMT • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 18:39:53 GMT
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Myth #6: Backing up Virtual Machines Require Multiple Point Products

Just in time for VMworld this week, I'd like to debunk one last myth around data protection-the myth that virtual machines automatically require an additional set of tools to properly protect them. The move to virtual environments and all of the benefits they afford has been widely addressed. However, a recent Symantec survey found that of all the customers planning a move to virtual environments, over 65% were re-examining their data protection strategy.

Sounds like increased complexity, doesn't it? Isn't the potential for less complexity one of the major value propositions of moving to a virtual server infrastructure? We think that with the right strategy, IT groups can implement a data protection strategy that will protect both physical and virtual environments from a single solution-moving away from complexity and taking a step toward simplification.

As the adoption of virtual technologies increases, businesses must take a look at the tools and technologies for backing up and restoring these virtual machines as well as the data stored on them. While traditional approaches to backup and recovery in the physical world sometimes do not always translate well to virtual infrastructures, there are advanced options today that allow organizations to easily protect their data and systems in a physical and virtual environment through a single simplified solution. Advanced technologies can also reduce complexity by enabling users to backup an unlimited number of guest machines within a host environment to disk or tape from a single agent.

A number of tools also provide for automatic discovery of virtual machines. This capability is often offered as part of the backup policy to make it easier for administrators to select specific or all virtual machines associated with an enterprise-level virtualization technology.

With the right strategy for protecting data and systems within both a physical and virtual environment, organizations can adopt a fast, low-impact approach that will reduce the challenges involved with data protection on virtual machines.