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trade your connect points for the coolest stuff and get it shipped to any place on earth?

Created: 12 Jun 2009 • Updated: 12 Jun 2009 • 7 comments
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It cost me 30 minutes to get it figured out, and i really hope you appriciate it.

On connect there are several forums about reward points and how to get the desired items.
But a lot of the good and very worth full articles are contributed by non US citizens. I see a lot of posts from contributors that live in India.
Especially for them i have some good tips to make sure that they are not only rewarded for theyre articles but they also can get it in India or other non US country's

First of all you have to see how many points you have.
When you have 1000 points, you can redeem them for 150$ worth in certificates. Now you have to find an item that you want to have.
Follow the steps below and you will see how to get an Acer Aspire 8.9" portable and get it shipped to India. This is only an example, so use this to get what you really want.

Go to and look for an item.
If you find the item you like, then go to the right and look at the sellers.
Click on the button x NEW in the frame that also contains the more Buying option.
Now you see a screen with all the sellers.
Then you also see the following additions:
Expedited shipping or
International Shipping
If the seller say's international shipping you can view the shipping rates.
They will send to almost every place on earth.
Most items cost some to get them shipped, but that will enable you to get it.

Hope this will help you all.

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good piece of info.

Just one person saying to me, “You’ve made my day!” makes my day.

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Nel Ramos's picture

Very nice erikw...
We surely need this advice..

Nel Ramos

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Nel Ramos's picture

oh.. i forgot to mention...
could we pay the item by using all our gift certificate from amazon?
maybe you could help me since i dont ussually buy online...

by the way hope you could make an article about these steps...
we shall be glad to acknowledge it..
thanks again..

Nel Ramos

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P.Miller's picture

Great tips here. I hope the writers in India can find your site again. They are surely to be happy if they do. online casino

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Hi! the shippment of the reward item is payable???

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why the hell they removed all the direct product

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