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Troubleshooting Fast Failover Configuration

Created: 25 Oct 2012 • Updated: 11 Jun 2014
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If failover is slow even after setting FastFailover attribute, check the following on all the nodes under cluster.
– Fast failover feature is installed.
– Fast failover license is present.
– Check SCSI-3 settings.
   •  Can be verified from VEA GUI under Control Panel>System Settings, SCSI support tab.
   •  During VMDG resource online, following error message is displayed in VEA GUI if SCSI-2 is set and Fast failover is enabled.
      “Fast failover is supported only with SCSI-3.”
– Dissimilarity in number of disks on active and passive nodes.
   •  Check for the number of missing disks under the diskgroup on both active and passive nodes.
– Disk group version.
   •  Version Number should be 60 for fast failvoer to work.
   •  During VMDG resource online, following message is displayed in VEA GUI if dg version is not latest and Fast failover is enabled.
      “Disk group %1 version needs to be upgraded to perform this operation.”
   •  Diskgroup version can be verified using vxdg dginfo CLI or In VEA GUI, by checking diskgroup properties.
– Array configuration (should not be ACTIVE/PASSIVE)
Kushal Shah