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Tuesday Security Updates

Created: 16 Sep 2011 • Updated: 16 Sep 2011
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The second Tuesday of every month is marked on just about every IT professional’s calendar. Those in the tech world know why this is – but do you understand its importance, and how to take advantage of the information that is shared on that day? For those who are not up to speed on the concept of Patch Tuesday, we want to provide all the background information you need.

Your small business’ computers need to be kept secure. You have data that is sensitive and you need to ensure that it’s protected. All of the software you’re using is made to be as secure as possible, but new security threats are discovered all the time, leaving vulnerabilities that could very well impact your business. If an organization is using an old version of their software that has not been updated to protect against a new threat, then they are putting their network and data at risk.

The software vendors you’re trusting with all of your IT understand this, and they want to do what they can to fill those holes and prevent security problems for their customers (you). So, they continually update their software according to the latest threats and send regular updates to you so that your network is sufficiently protected. Those software updates are communicated to customers and the general public through a monthly “announcement” of sorts: Patch Tuesday.

Small businesses – and computer users in general – need to pay attention to Patch Tuesdays much more closely than they have in the past. Attackers are becoming better and better at taking advantage of vulnerabilities, and we need to stay a step ahead of them by keeping up with patch updates.

Hackers are creative, but so are security professionals. Keep your small business safe from harm by updating your security software whenever prompted. And don’t forget to mark Patch Tuesday on your calendar.