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Information Unleashed

Two Brands, One Identity, Countless Opportunities

Symantec has had years of silence. We have 2 distinct brands at different stages of awareness. With our new Brand, Digital, and Advertising strategy, our silence is over. We know who we are and that what we do adds value to people and businesses – empower
Created: 02 May 2014 • Updated: 02 May 2014
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Unilever, PepsiCo, Time Inc. They are all part of my journey as a marketer in big parent companies with multiple, unique brands.  How do you relate parent master brands with their portfolio?  Do you intertwine or keep identities separate? Do you use multiple logos or one identifying image?  It usually comes down to long-term strategy and the brand perceptions you hope to evolve, but they are choices that require intense commitment, because no study can point you to one “right” decision.   And with Symantec, it’s an opportunity like no other.

Symantec has two brands, one identity, and countless opportunities. That is, if we can communicate our unique value - right now - as the partner to turn to for information protection.  Here’s the challenge. Norton, known for security, is a brand with strong awareness with consumers.  Symantec, has less awareness but a solid reputation in information security and management, which is a big opportunity in the global enterprise market.   

Both Norton and Symantec will use one brand identity – the checkmark.  It’s a seal of safety, reliability, and protection. When you’ve got Symantec, we’ve got your back.  Your information, your identity, is protected and cared for.

That’s our brand promise. I believe it can resonate with consumers and small businesses as well as commercial and enterprise organizations.  We are uniquely positioned in the market. We have compelling thought leadership, committed partners, and a product roadmap with global relevance. And for Consumers, in a world where identities, credit card information, and passwords are at risk, a brand like Norton that protects that data across all devices without selling your data is more and more relevant. Starting now, our stories will come to life in a new Symantec campaign – meaningful social interactions, robust paid media partnerships, and other paid, owned, and earned customer touchpoints.  You will hear and see our stories in videos, blogs, webinars, whitepapers, presentations, and more.  Symantec has been silent too long. We have a lot to say. And I will continue to document my journey describing the twists and turns leading the Brand, Digital, and Advertising team here at Symantec.

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