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Two new information sites from VeriSign

Created: 28 Aug 2009 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012 • 1 comment
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VeriSign recently has gone live with two new sites designed to provide a broad base of useful information to specific target audiences.

We now offer the VeriSign SMB Microsite, a site we created to offer helpful information to small businesses seeking to understand best practices in driving more sales, signups, or other online business through their online presence. This site covers much more than just the security aspect of your site and strives to offer a broad range of useful content to benefit a small business.

For years VeriSign has been actively engaged in educating consumers about how to stay safe online. The latest release in this effort is our new Trust the Check Web site, offering a broad range of information that consumers can use to increase their online safety profile.

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Samir Rakshit's picture

Its great to hear what we @VeriSign are continuously doing to secure the internet community! One issue I would like to put on your consideration:

Though Trust The Check means lots for keeping billions of people online, safe all over the world, we get very least or no information if we type Trust The Check on our popular search engines.
Google was returning nothing till 2 days back, and now today it returns "" which is good. But, till today returns no related information for the same search criteria.

I think we need to have a bit collaboration with all the major search engines, so that any search for Trust/Check/SSL/Trust The Check should return some related links to VeriSign.


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