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Unlike the play, we do not all die at the end...

Created: 30 Aug 2007 • Updated: 15 Apr 2009 • 1 comment
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The Hamlet development project is nearing the end.  We are in the process of creating what we think is our final build.  We call it a release candidate.  Once we pound on this build for a couple more weeks, we will ship it off to manufacturing (and online.)  Even though the development project is wrapping up, Project Hamlet for our customers and partners is just starting.  It has been a while since I wrote my first blog.  I thought I would update it with a few comments on customer migration to Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0.
I am often asked whether the Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 release is a "fork lift" upgrade for existing SAV customers.  I know our competitors are certainly hoping it is. The truth depends on your perspective.  For a lot of reasons, existing SAV customers will have an easier time migrating from their current releases to SEP 11.0. 
Case in point: for SAV 10.0 release, we deployed a single engineer on installation and migration.  He was a wonderful engineer but only capable of so much in the time/space continium he was given on the project.  For the Hamlet project, we deployed a team of 7 engineers.  Not only is our install program itself more robust but we have migration wizards for new deployments and migrations.  We can import your current SAV group structures and settings.  We can even import your org structures straight out of Active Directory.
We have created online tutorials to walk customers through migration and installation.  For SMB customers, we will even have online services that will help customers migrate (by doing the job for them) over the internet.  We are also creating a microsite off our website where customers and partners can go and share tips/tricks to migrate and setup new SEP 11.0 environments.
Another very important part of the SEP migration plan is some products Symantec acquired when we purchased a company call Altiris.  Altiris brings many great things to the table.  The most important to this conversation is there client management capabilities.  Altiris has great client management capabilities that include s/w deployment, patching, and provisioning.  The Altiris team is building a snap-in to their basic management framework that will allow their users to quickly and easily migrate from older versions of SAV or competitors s/w straight to SEP 11.0.  In addition, this snap-in will include reporting and other management capabilities to supplement the native management capabilities in SEP 11.0.  Now the key part: this snap-in will be free to existing ALtiris customers as well as non-existing Altiris customers.  In other words, everyone will be able to download and use this snap-in to help themselves migrate to SEP 11.0.  Obviously, we hope customers will like the management capability and choose to upgrade to the full versions of Altiris's management capability.  For more information on this Snap-In, stay tuned to the ALtiris website.  The Snap-In will be made available of the Altiris user conference in early October.
At the end of the day, upgrading from SAV 10.x to SEP 11 is less work than previous upgrades (i.e. SAV 9.x to 10.x).  Customers will still have to touch their management servers and their endpoints just like they have had to for every application upgrade.  The reason why this version will be easier and simpler is all of the tools and tips that we are providing for this releases.  The whole of Symantec (all 16,000 of us) is working to ensure that our customers and partners make the move to the world's best endpoint protection as seamlessly as possible.  No other company can do that.

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