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Point Changes in the Symantec Connect Rewards Program

Created: 25 Oct 2013 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • Page Views: 29
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Edited 11/4/2013: Edited to reflect that unauthenticated users cannot vote on content other than forums

Update: The change has been implemented today, October 30, 2013

Soon we will change the voting system on Connect. In the forums, we will change the current forum voting system to a system that allows both authenticated and nonauthenticated users to answer the question "Was this Helpful?" Voting in other areas of Connect (blog, articles, etc.) will stay the same and will be available only if you are logged in to Connect. Because of these changes, we will no longer award points for votes anywhere across the site. 

Contributions in some areas on Connect will now receive additional points to account for the loss of voting points. The new point values are listed below:

Create a new forum post 1 pt
Post a comment 1 pt
Comment is marked as a solution 35 pts
Create a blog entry 25 pts
Create a video Up to 200 points
Create a download Up to 100 points
Create an article Up to 200 points
Create an event 25 pts
Create an idea 5 pts

Exact point values of blogs, videos, downloads and articles will be up to the discretion of the community manager.

Blog Author:
Leslie Miller is a community manager for the Inside Symantec community and the Vision User Conference community. She also manages the Symantec Connect Trusted Advisor program.