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Upgrading from Patch Trending SiteBuilder v14 to v15

Created: 27 Nov 2013
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As you possibly have noticed we have anew version of the Patch Trending Site Builder executable and package.

The package contains everything you need for a fresh installation, however what do you need to do if you want to benefit from the changes in v15 without re-installing?

Here's a quick guide.

Part I: update the page getbulletin.html

Because version 15 introduces the /write-all option it will not over-write existing files. However there is only 1 file that really need to be updated: getbulletin.html, which is the page used to display the range-filter charts for the 'Compliance in %' and 'Installed versus Applicable' data.

So in order to get the page updated you have 3 options:

  • Run "site-builder /write-all" at least once after the v15 upgrade
  • Delete the file getbulletin.html before running the site builder, the latest version will be written down
  • Extract the update package attached here and copy the html file to the PatchTrending directory

Part II: import the Right-click action

In the install package for version 15 we have added a new item: "Patch Compliance trends.xml". This item provides right-click access to the bulletin compliance trend charts when Software Bulletins itesm are displayed on the console.

To import the right-click action unpack the update file attached here and naviagate to the Management Console Right Click Menu Folder (Settings > All Settings > Notification Server > Right Click Menu).

Right click on the folder and select import. Navigate to the unpacked files and select "Patch Compliance trends.xml". Once the item is loaded on the console modify the url if you have not installed Patch Trending on the default web-location ('/Altiris/NS/PatchTrending').

You can now naviagte to Software Bulletin reports and right-click on rows to access the compliance trend charts.