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upgrading from xp to windows 7

Created: 30 Aug 2010 • Updated: 30 Aug 2010 • 2 comments
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I had my system crashed couple of times while upgrading from XP to windows 7. I am not the kind of guy who looks all over places before upgrading but I am smart enough to have a backup of my system before doing any major changes on my system.
I love experimenting things and when I upgraded from windows XP to windows 7 it was lot of fun.

I had lot of stuff on my PC so before doing the up gradation I installed the BE 2010 in evaluation mode and did the complete system backup to a removable hard disk. Once the backup was done I put the windows 7 DVD and ran the setup.exe. It will prompt for 2 options:

  • Upgrade -> will keep the current settings
  • Custom (advanced) -> Will install windows as fresh copy.

Of course I selected the option to upgrade it and selected the partition and click on next and proceed without further interaction. Once the windows 7 installation is done reboot your system.

I thought it as a very simple upgrade. When the system was booted with windows 7 I opened all programs but guess what! None of my programs were listed there. I checked the other drive and relieved to know that other drive has the complete data on it.

I installed BE 2010 and try to restore the complete system. I knew that it will not restore the system state on the other OS as registry structure changes with OS but thought of giving it a try. So I used the setup that I had before and tried installing BE 2010 on windows 7 but it failed with the error message “not compatible”. I checked the SCL and come to know that BE 2010 can’t be installed on windows 7. As I did the backup from BE 2010 and didn’t do a simple copy to external disk I had no way but to install xp again to get my data because BE 2010 not compatible with windows 7.

So I rebooted the system and put my bootable xp cd and booted from cd. I did the xp installation again from the bootable cd. Installed the BE 2010 and restored the complete system from the full backup and rebooted the system. I had a sign of relief as my system restored successfully and I can see all the data and programs the way it was before. I had copied over my data to external disk again as backup was of no use.

I put the windows 7 cd and this time ran the migsetup.ext to migrate the data(I did some google to find it). With the windows easy transfer I copied my data to external disk and ran the installation and upgraded it again. Once your windows 7 Installation is complete boot into your windows 7. Click Start – all programs – accessories – system tools and click on windows easy transfer and select the external disk to have the data migrated from external disk to local disk. But GUESS WHAT!
The programs are still not there. It will only keep the windows xp profiles and settings and programs needs to be reinstalled in windows 7. This is not a upgrade as if it is not carrying forward the programs it can’t be a upgrade.

I checked on internet and then realized that XP can’t be upgraded to windows 7 and can only be installed fresh. I also come to know about the upgrade what they call it “Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor“ but for me it is not a upgrade as you have to install the programs again.

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I think as you said, first you would have to upgrade to Windows Vista, and then Windows 7.

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We have to upgrade our systems with changing technology. Whoever does it himself has mixed experience. Till everything is fine we enjoy doing things but as soon as problems arrive it leaves us frustated. I also like to experiment but prior to experimenting i collect enough information to avoid problems.

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