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Use the Product and Agents / Options Landing Pages to find solutions faster.

Created: 21 Nov 2011 • Updated: 21 Nov 2011
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Symwise, our Symantec public knowledge base, offers the possiblity of performing specific searches on errors for each Product Agent and Option, which delivers a narrowed down and improved article result set which will help you find solutions faster and resolve issues most times on your own.

As a Backup Administrator and Backup Exec user, you should be acquainted with these search resources and use them as the first step in troubleshooting problems, before posting questions on the forums or calling the support line.

Accesing Symwise - the General Support Landing Page

To enter the General Support Landing Page, you must navigate to:

This is the general Landing Page, and although you can start searching here, it is convenient to first select a product, in our case, Backup Exec.

The Backup Exec Product Landing Page

Once the Backup Exec product is selected, a similar page is entered, which we call the "Product Landing Page."

Searches can be executed from this location, and results will not be narrowed down and will cover the complete set of Backup Exec technical articles for every subject. A search performed here must be related to general topics not related to a particular product Agent or Option.

Right under the search criteria and product text boxes, you will find a message:

For a more refined search or specific Common Topic results per agent option, select the associated link in the following document:  Backup Exec Agent Option Product Landing Pages

And if you follow the link on that message, you will enter a list of links to each Landing Page for each Product Agent such as the Exchange Agent, or product option such as Remote Agent for Windows Server.

The Agents and Options Landing Pages

These specific Landing Pages are the best resources for finding quick reliable solutions to your backup issues. When you execute a search from an Agent or Option Landing Page, you will obtain a refined result set only related to the Agent or Option involved, which increases the chance of exposing the exact solution for your problem.

For example, if you are experiencing an error related to SQL Server backups, you should first search on the SQL Server Landing Page for the exact error the program is showing, and you will obtain a list of the most current, mostly used, solution technical articles.

The Agents and Options Landing Pages also exhibit the most popular technical articles as links under common topics such as "Troubleshooting", "Configuring", that you can also use to solve issues and work with the particular agent or option being implemented.

Continuous Improvement:

These excellent self help resources are being constantly improved and fine tuned, since the beginning of this year. You should bookmark the Landing Page list location, use the search features and common topics, and youir feedback and suggestions are always welcome.