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Using a Command Line to Create an Incident

Created: 06 Sep 2007 • Updated: 06 Sep 2007 • 6 comments
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This is a command line that allow you to create a Helpdesk (HD) incident from a remote location. It uses the Web service that's packaged with the Helpdesk to do the heavy lifting. What's cool about this solution is you can submit an incident without even launching the Helpdesk console on your computer.

This is a command line, so use Internet Explorer or another application/program installed on your computer to run it.

The Web service can either take command line parameters (type "CreateWorkitem or Edit Workitem" to see them) or by using specific commands required for a 3rd party application.

The next line contains the parameters to send a command to the Altiris HD Web service. To create one new incident from IE you use this syntax:

http://MYSERVERHD/AeXHD/WebService.asmx/ProcessWorkItem?workitem_title=This+computer+is+break+fix+are+lost+data&workitem_category_tree_value= Break-fix%5cComputer&workitem_comment=Is+urgency+repair+and+probability+restore+data

Here's what the results look like in IE, after you've executed the execute command line:

The next line contains the parameters to send a command to Altiris HD Web service. This command edits an existing incident using IE.


It's important that the user or worker has permissions in Helpdesk to execute commands as background services (webservices) in Altiris Server.

This sample field is included for reference.

The values of lookups is from the worker administrator Console HD, Admin > Lookups then select lookup and click view.

Additionally, you can use http://MYSERVERHD/AeXHD/WebService.asmx to send in the your page on the Web Services.

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Interesting info, in certain cases can be useful use a procedure without launching the Helpdesk console on the computer.

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This is great information! Unfortunately, I cannot Edit incidents using the EditWorkItem method. Both our production server and test server (w/ ADSK 1.4) do not show this in the available method list. When I run the command above I get a 'page not found' 404 error.

I was able to create an incident successfully, just as described above.

Am I missing a helpdesk add-on for editing? We are currently on Helpdesk v6 SP3.

I am working to do this with the ASDK, but your one-liner URL is a HECK of a lot easier.


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I am receiving the following error while running: http://SERVERNAME/AeXHD/WebService.asmx/EditWorkItem?

HTTP 500 - Internal server error
Internet Explorer

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Its great to see the flexibility offered by Altiris, personally I'd been using vb scripts to edit incidents when I don't want to open the console, but command lines offer a great alternative as well. Thanks for taking the time to share!

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How would I assign a primary contact (by username or id)? What would be the format for the contact?


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If you run this in IE it returns the ticket number. I am thinking of running this from but I am not sure how to capture the ticket number that is returned. Does anyone know how to do that?

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